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Laser Machining
With a 98” x 255” cutting area, LMI can cut at close tolerances even on the largest of parts up to ½” thick in stainless and carbon.
With our addition of automation, we can run 24/7 on your larger
production runs ensuring you the quickest delivery available.
High Definition Plasma Cutting
HyDef allows us to cut up to 1.25 thick with accurate slag-free
results on parts up to 106” x 250”
Multi Axis CNC back gauge. We bend from gauge material to ½”
thick SS up to 14 ft long
Saw Cutting
Automated production saw cutting with CNC controlled material movement for accurate cut lengths time after time.
Capabilities for light to moderate fabrication and sub-assembly.
Vibratory De-burring
Allows up to 10” x 20” parts to be deburred, sharp edges rounded, as well as clean up ID’s while leaving an overall even finish to your parts.